Storage And Easy Access For Your Cargo Containers!

We have storage for a wide range of cargo and shipping containers, including; 

  • General purpose containers

  • Refrigerated and insulated containers

  • High cube containers

  • Open top containers

  • Site offices and site sheds

  • Dangerous goods storage containers

  • Portable workshops


QLD Bulk Storage can also design and construct custom container storage solutions based on your specifications.


We offer the freedom of a month-to-month rental agreement!


If you're looking for an alternative storage solution or if you need somewhere to store your cargo containers then give QLD Bulk Storage a call today!


Versatile Storage Options

Storing a car in a storage unit is a sound idea, particularly if the car is valuable, or the storage is going to be long-term. The alternative to a storage unit is outdoor or hardstand storage which is particularly suited to short-term storage.


Hardstand storage is extremely popular with caravaners as they can store their caravan during the times that they are not on the road and retain their storage space when they are on the road.  Hardstand space is not expensive and offers flexible access.


Marinas are expensive and hard to come by. If your boat is on a trailer, why not consider hardstand storage? Hardstand storage is very flexible since you only need rent the space month-to-month and can come and go as you please.  QLD Bulk Storage hardstand space also offers access hours that will suit early pick-up and late drop-offs.


Secure Hardstand Storage!

In the storage industry, we have outdoor storage commonly referred to as hardstand, a special hard surfaced parking area ideal for heavy vehicles, perfect for companies wanting to store their trucks and heavy Machinery overnight.


Our facility is security patrolled 24/7, we also offer internal storage or drive-up storage units for your vehicle when you're looking for that extra piece of mind.


When you need your truck or heavy machinery safely stored for a period of time, QLD Bulk Storage has the facilities for you!  Your equipment will be stored at a secure location, with short term, long term and undercover storage options available.



Take The Stress Out Of Warehousing!


QLD Bulk Storage can store your products or equipment for a month or up to 20 years.


Security is a priority at our facility; the entire precinct is security fenced, with CCTV surveillance and security patrols 24/7.


QLD Bulk Storage allows your costs to ebb and flow with the tides of your business, without the worry of an empty storage facility during periods of low activity.


QLD Bulk Storage can supply custom solutions for your business.  You can choose to have access to a one-stop solution for your supply chain and distribution network.


You will find comfort in the knowledge that your product is safe and you can access it at any time.


At QLD Bulk Storage, we care about making your life easier through our variety of storage options.  Contact us today with your leasing inquiries.

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"Nothing is too BIG to store"

As our slogan says "Nothing too BIG to store". With over 100,000 sqm (10 hectares) of secure site available to us we specialise in storing BIG Items - Heavy Machinery, Cranes, Trucks, Trailers, Cargo Containers, Site Camps, Caravans, RV's, boats etc.

Security is a priority at our facility. The entire area is security fenced, with CCTV surveillance and security patrols 24/7.

However, access out of hours can be arranged with an e-mail or phone call, and our staff will attend the site to facilitate entry.